In a dog-eat-dog competitive world, I lose to a Siamese cat

Female siamese catIn a post on Surrey’s blog I boasted that I was twice as good as a hamster, according to one common metric for measuring the achievements of an academic scientist. However, I am sadly not superior to all furry mammals, a cat beats me, by that same metric. I average out at about 28 citations per paper I have published. F.D.C Willard*, who was a cat, averages out at 34.

And to add insult to injury, this cat has a Wikipedia page, unlike me, and the biggest publisher of physics journals on the planet, the American Physical Society, would allow him to publish for free. Ah well, I guess it is a good job that I am not really the competitive type, and that I like cats.

* This is actually the cat’s pen name. His real name was Chester.


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