Ola Brazil! Hello Switzerland!

One of the nice things about WordPress is that it shows the countries people are in when they read this blog. The result for about 7 months of this blog is below. Somewhat to my surprise, Brazil is in 4th place. Hello nice people from Brazil! At the other end of the spectrum, in 7 months only a single post has been viewed from Tunisia. Hope I haven’t offended my one Tunisian reader.

Having thought about a bit I think the only reason I am surprised about Brazil’s position is that it is far away. Given that distances don’t matter on the internet this is a bit silly. I should be more surprised by Switzerland’s position at number 3, despite a population 40 times lower than Brazil. So hello nice people in Switzerland! If you want to say hi, from Brazil, Switzerland or elsewhere you are very welcome, comments are open below.

The views are split roughly 50/50 between the UK and the rest of the world. On University open days for prospective students I often say that science is international. This appears to be true. Anyway, views broken down by country as follows:

United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 1,022

United States FlagUnited States 254

Switzerland FlagSwitzerland 75

Brazil FlagBrazil 61

Germany FlagGermany 42

Italy FlagItaly 40

Canada FlagCanada 38

France FlagFrance 35

Spain FlagSpain 30

Portugal FlagPortugal 25

Malaysia FlagMalaysia 22

India FlagIndia 16

Austria FlagAustria 10

Australia FlagAustralia 10

Mexico FlagMexicoNew Zealand FlagNew Zealand 9

Taiwan FlagTaiwan 8

Japan FlagJapanIreland FlagIreland Argentina FlagArgentina 7

Belgium FlagBelgiumSweden FlagSweden 6

Iceland FlagIcelandRussian Federation FlagRussian Federation 5

Slovenia FlagSloveniaRomania FlagRomaniaBulgaria FlagBulgaria 4

Greece FlagGreecePeru FlagPeruMorocco FlagMoroccoPoland FlagPoland 3

Singapore, Finland, Thailand, Philippines, Netherlands, Venezuela, Angola, Sri Lanka, Denmark, Ecuador, Colombia 2

Mozambique, Pakistan, Tunisia, Luxembourg, Norway, Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Chile, Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina 1

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