This post could save you £34.99

While watching Numb3rs on TV I was struck by an ad for Gold Collagen. It showed a woman drinking from a small plastic bottle as if this would change her life. This looked a bit weird. Gold Collagen is some sort of food supplement that contains mainly collagen. Indeed, like the webpage says: “Collagen helps the skin to preserve its firmness and elasticity.” It forms a network that holds the cells together so indeed contributes significantly to the skin’s elasticity.

But only when it is actually in your skin, when it is dissolving in the acid environment of your body after you have eaten it, not so much. I have to say I am not sure that taking collagen internally is particularly useful. If you disagree, then basically what they are selling is gelatin – which is also collagen. Sainsbury’s sell some for £1.00, a bit of bargain compared to the £34.99 charged for Gold Collagen. I have to say that charging £35 for gelatin really looks like taking advantage of gullible people, which is pretty poor behaviour.

Anyway, if you still want collagen but find liquid gelatin a bit unpalatable then you can try a nice panacotta, which like many desserts is made with gelatin. This is a bit dearer but tastier. As collagen is also found in meat, you could also try a steak, or …? Collagen is an extremely abundant protein in animals so non-vegetarians like me scoff lots of it on a daily basis.

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